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  • Number of Ethnic Minority FTSE 350 Directors Jumped 108 Per Cent in 2021 Study Finds.

    Although ‘great strides’ have been made, experts say firms need to proactively engage with inclusion and diversity efforts on their boards.  The number of FTSE 350 companies with a director of color on their board increased by 108 per cent in 2021, research has revealed.  The analysis of 272 companies in the FTSE 350, by Thomson Reuters, found that there were 123 directors of colour in 2021, compared to just 59 last year. This meant nearly half (45 per cent) of FTSE 350 companies, excluding investment trusts, now have a director of color on their board, up from 21 per cent in 2020. Pushing for progress towards better representation on FTSE 350 boards is part of the conclusions of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) consultation on diversity on boards and executive committees.   Please read here for more.