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  • Glass Half Full: a prominent climate scientist offers the gift of science-backed hope.

    The world is making some progress in the battle against climate change, and it’s still possible to avoid the most devastating outcomes. “If all countries enacted and implemented their Paris Agreement pledges, the analyses indicate the world could limit heating to 1.9 degrees above preindustrial levels,” said Gonzalez. (Under the agreement, nations agreed to take measures to limit warming to well below 2 degrees and ideally below 1.5 degrees, the threshold beyond which scientists say more severe effects will proliferate.) There are measures to celebrate: Between 2009 and 2018, the world doubled renewable energy capacity globally, adding solar, wind and other renewable energy equivalent to 3,200 coal plants. The U.S. actually cut carbon emissions between 2005 and 2019. What is the effect of each household turning off a 100-watt lightbulb?” asked Gonzalez. “That’s 100 million households approximately, 100 watts per household, that’s about 10 gigawatts. That’s about 10 nuclear power plants. And more to the point, that’s about 27 coal-fired power plants. So, go to your light switch, turn it off. If everybody does that, we just did away with 27 coal-fired plants. That is the power of combining many small actions.” Read more about how you can make an impact here.