Performance Measurement Projects

Everyone in organizations talks about being data-driven or evidence-based, and most know that having agreed upon performance measures are vital to the success of a team, department, and the entire organization. Despite this growing understanding that performance measurement is vital to achieving the results you truly desire, most groups of people in organizations are either not measuring the right things, or not using effective performance measurement processes that support high performance, learning, and continuous improvement. The most common problems executives, managers, and strategy and performance professionals have in measuring performance include measuring progress against “hard to measure” goals, finding meaningful measures, and developing the necessary buy-in for consistent use of performance measures.Data2insight is here to help your team, department, or organization resolve your performance measurement struggles by replacing bad measurement habits with good measurement habits. We employ a proven performance measurement process and set of practices that results in making performance measurement faster, easier, and more engaging. Our performance measurement approach will help you:

  • Engage people in measurement, so they buy-in and own their measures instead of measuring just the easy things or avoiding measures altogether.
  • Systematically use performance measurement to inform leadership, team, and staff decisions about the highest-leverage ways to improve organizational performance.
  • Identify and utilize solid performance measures that meaningful track results, not activity.
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders that the value of well-defined measures that capture progress against clear goals.
  • Increase and sustain performance measurement and management communication in ways that leverage the power of your people.
  • Get more value out of your existing performance measurement tools including dashboards, platforms, and applications.

We use Stacey Barr’s practical performance measurement process, which has been developed and validated over 30+ years. This process ensures that after our engagement with your organization is complete, that you will have the capacity and resources to continue employing and training others on world class performance measurement practices that will result in continuous learning and improvement.

Our performance measurement process engagement typically includes the following steps. And we can tailor a performance measurement engagement for your team.

  • Performance measurement practice assessment-Your team/organization completes and assessment of how you are doing on key elements of performance measurement and we review the results. This helps everyone better understand your performance measurement strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Needs assessment-In partnership with you, we identify the short- and mid-term performance measurement needs based on the performance measurement practice assessment and interviews with the members of the team/organization.
  • Performance measurement process orientation—We introduce you to the practical performance measurement process
  • Design measures
  • Build buy-in for measures
  • Define measures and identify data sources
  • Determine where measures will be tracked (e.g., dashboards, databases)
  • Guide development of performance reporting process
  • Pilot performance reporting
  • Make recommendations for next steps in performance measurement strategy and tactics