Equity & Inclusion Organizational Assessment Projects

Leaders who are committed to increasing equity and inclusion in their organization will invest in not only learning and professional development, but also organizational assessment, measurement, and evaluation. Offering an implicit bias or microaggressions awareness training is not enough to have a meaningful impact across your organization when it comes to increasing equity and inclusion. Nor is creating a racial equity and inclusion committee. Organizational assessment is needed to establish a baseline of the organization’s current state and identify a desired future state.

Data2insight’s inside-out assessment paints a picture for leadership and staff across the organization. This picture is based on interviews, document and practice review, an organization-wide survey, and benchmarking. We then synthesize this data using a multicultural organizational development model to pinpoint where the organization falls on a continuum from monocultural to multicultural across different dimensions of the organization.

This information is vital to understanding where the organization is currently and identifying where you want to take the organization. Creating an equity and inclusion road map, which identifies strategies for reaching the desired destination, informs decisions about what kind of learning and professional development to provide across the organization.

The road map also provides key performance indicators so that the organization’s EI initiative process and outcomes can be continually measured. This practice is vital for celebrating successes, continuous learning and improvement along your organization’s equity and inclusion journey.

STAY TUNED! Portfolio projects we are working on sharing with you soon include: Snohomish Juvenile Justice Center equity and inclusion assessment, The Fifth Avenue Theatre equity and inclusion assessment.