Measuring high school student knowledge gains and attitudes about research



The Northwest Association of Biomedical Research (NWABR) partnered with data2insight LLC to conduct formative and summative evaluation of the Collaborations for the Understanding of Research Ethics (CURE). The principal objective of the evaluation was to determine CURE’s impact on 1) student learning; 2) student attitudes and beliefs about animal and human research; and 3) public attitudes about and understanding of clinical trials. The evaluation also focused on collecting teacher and curriculum expert input on finalization and dissemination of the CURE curricula, and on how the curricula have enhanced secondary translational bioethics education. The evaluation was developed to inform NWABR program leaders’ decisions and actions for the purpose of achieving CURE’s aims. Data2insight principal, Veronica Smith, met with NWABR program staff, attended the Year 4 CURE advisory committee meeting, and the May 2012 SciEd Conference. The key findings are presented in this infographic report.


NWABR Cure Evaluation Plan