Howard University evaluation & tracking group



This National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA) is a five-year initiative that brings 10 groups and 6 higher education institutions with the mission to support and speed improvements in human health by fostering innovative, multidisciplinary, and cross-institutional clinical and translational research; and by supporting the careers of those undertaking such research.

The evaluation director was tasked with creating dashboards for each of the 10 component groups as well as an overarching organizational governance dashboard that would support monitoring progress against goals over the course of the grant cycle.


Data2insight provided expertise in performance measurement, data dashboard design and construction.

Data2insight coached the evaluation director and her staff as they facilitated the process of metric design and definition across the 10 component groups.

Once the measures were designed and defined, data2insight designed and built a dashboard for each component group and one summary dashboard for the governance group that provides monitoring of the grant’s key performance measures.

Data2insight also developed the data dashboard refresh protocol and provided training support to the evaluation & tracking group.


Component groups are now populating their dashboards with baseline data. Dashboards are being reviewed at quarterly meetings. Stakeholders are recognizing the value of having well defined measures to capture how they are doing against their stated goals. The process of designing and building the dashboards has informed conversations that have clarified what is critical to measure over the course of the grant and what is not. This dashboard reporting process has increased the accuracy and extent to which the investigators are monitoring their progress against stated goals.