Technical assistance for Rethinking Pre-College Math program


Edmonds Community College Center for Learning Connections oversees research, evaluation, and assessment for the Rethinking Pre-College Mathematics for Washington Colleges program.


Rethinking Pre-College Mathematics for Washington Colleges is designed to develop and support a coalition of colleges focused on improving student math achievement by making substantive changes in core educational practice in their pre-college math programs.



During the first year of the program, faculties from coalition colleges reviewed and analyzed promising practices. They sought to build consensus around a set of strategies and then explore the implications of “going to scale” around implementing those strategies within one college—and ultimately across multiple colleges in the system.


The program leadership team intends to evaluate this program and provide annual reports to The Gates Foundation. The leadership team also intends to engage in course/learning assessment and research. Evaluation, research, and assessment efforts will address the contribution of the Rethinking Pre-College Mathematics for Washington Colleges program to:


  • Math learning and achievement
  • Increased access to and use of promising practices and research-based resources
  • Sustainable coalition building and creating a community practice focused on math learning and achievement
  • Influencing and shaping grants, programs, and practices
  • Rethinking college math education


Solution: Data2insight provided evaluation and technical consulting.

data2insight provided technical assistance in the form of program coordinator coaching, program impact map development, teacher institute observation, and design of a case study to capture the student voice in the Rethinking Pre-College Mathematics for Washington Colleges program.



Data2insight’s guidance focused the work of the principal investigator and program manager and resulted in an evaluation design and implementation that met the unique needs of the program.