Divine Alternatives for Dads services



Divine Alternatives for Dads Services (DADS) helps men navigate legal and governmental systems to become active, positive role models in their children’s lives


The organization’s leadership wanted to evaluate the impact of their services on their targeted communities. Specifically, they wanted to answer the question: How does DADS contribute to society cost avoidance?

This nonprofit has served over 3,000 clients, and has started to create a database of client information. Using this collected information, DADS sought to confirm whether the organization’s work is having the impact that leadership believes it is. DADS also hopes to better position itself to receive more funding.


data2insight provided evaluation focusing and planning expertise.

data2insight facilitated a one-day evaluation focus session of stakeholders. Attendees included DADS staff, donors, and clients. Stakeholders mapped out the short, intermediate, and long-term impacts of the program and formulated questions. Answers to these questions provided evidence of the changes catalyzed by the DADS program. Participants prioritized the questions from most to least important.

Using the data produced from the focus session, data2insight formalized the DADS impact map and logic model and provided a detailed evaluation plan to answer top evaluation questions.


DADS will use the impact map, logic model and evaluation plan to inform their next steps regarding data collection, evaluation, grant applications and strategic planning.