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09 Feb Check out STEMinist

Check out STEMinist for news and featured stories about women in STEM. This website, created in 2010 by Ann Hoang, aims to increase the visibility of women in STEM and to encourage young women and girls to pursue STEM careers....

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25 Jan National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month. Created in 2002 by the Harvard Business School of Public Health and Mentor, NMM aims to raise awareness of mentoring, recruit individuals to mentor, and promote rapid growth of mentoring by recruiting organizations to engage their constituents in mentoring....

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04 Dec Washington STEM Summit

Our founder, Veronica Smith, will be attending Washington STEM’s 3rd annual STEM summit on Tuesday, December 2. We look forward to hearing from Governor Jay Inslee and many other exciting speakers about how Washington is advancing excellence, innovation, and equity in STEM education....

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