December Holidays Around the World, part 2 of 4

14 Dec December Holidays Around the World, part 2 of 4

Most of the world celebrate Christmas on December 25.  However, did you know that there are many other global holidays celebrated in December as well?  This month, data2insight will be highlighting a few of those holidays.

Festivus (23 December).  Festivus entered popular culture in 1997 thanks to the Seinfeld episode “The Strike”. The parody holiday is a resistance to the consumerism of Christmas, and is celebrated by standing around an unadorned aluminum pole, as opposed to a decorated tree.  Traditions include the “airing of grievances” and “feats of strength”, while people also make reference to “Festivus miracles”, which are actually easily-explainable events. (source)

Christmas (25 December).  Most of the world celebrates Christmas on 25 December, marking the birth of Jesus Christ. This date was picked because it corresponded with winter solstice in the Roman calendar. In actuality, the date of Jesus’ birth is unknown. Some people celebrate Christmas on the 24th, and certain cultures even celebrate in January. People give gifts, shares feasts with family and decorate trees in their homes.  (source)

Join data2insight as we continue to learn about the holidays around the world and how they are celebrated.