Happy (Belated) Coworking Day!

17 Aug Happy (Belated) Coworking Day!

August 9 was Coworking Day!

Coworking Day is an annual holiday to commemorate the anniversary of the day Brad Neuberg first brought modern-day coworking into the world. You can still see Brad’s original blog post announcing the first coworking space here.

Brad was highly supportive of people taking his idea and running with it, so when Tara Hunt and Chris Messina came along, he encouraged them to spread the concept of coworking far and wide.

And spread the idea they did—through the Coworking Forum, Coworking Wiki, Coworking Blog and more, they inspired others to build similar communities everywhere—and that’s why coworking is rapidly becoming a household name.

Join data2insight as we celebrate some of our favorite Coworking spaces at Office Nomads, The Riveter, and Hay Coworks (all in Seattle)!