Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

31 Aug Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Did you know that August 13 is the Black Women’s Equal Pay Day?  That means Black women had to work all of 2019 and this far into 2020 to earn what white men earned last year alone—four months longer than white women had to work to accomplish the same goal. Over the course of a Black woman’s career, the pay gap accounts for almost $1 million in lost income. (source)

On average, women in the U.S. make 18% less than men.1  Over the course of a year, the average working woman loses $10,122 as a result of the gender pay gap.2  If you break it down by race and ethnicity, the pay gap is even wider for Black women, Native American women, and Latinas.  The pay gap is not about a single paycheck. Over the course of a career, the lost income can add up to over a million dollars. (source)

The pay gap won’t shrink until employers take these steps.

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