Celebrating Pride Month

01 Jun Celebrating Pride Month

Pride is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ identity and the freedom, beauty and wonder that comes from simply loving who you want to love, no matter how you express your gender. LGBTQIA+ Pride is meant to celebrate the dignity and joy in representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, non-binary, non-conforming and pansexual persons, as well as anyone else who doesn’t necessarily fit into cisgender and heteronormative boxes. The term “pride” is a deliberate one, as it directly counters the feelings of shame and guilt, as well as the stigma that is often slapped onto LGBTQIA+-identifying people. (source)

Pride Month, which usually sees calendars filled with festivals and in-person gatherings, offers the chance for millions within the community and their allies to gather and celebrate being out and proud. Pride will march on this year, just to a different tune. Thanks to a slew of events taking place online, the LGBTQ community will still be able to connect to celebrate its resilience, diversity and history.  (source)

Join data2insight as we work to find new virtual ways to celebrate Pride Month.  Check out this list of some events from around the world.