Celebrating Pride Month, part 4

22 Jun Celebrating Pride Month, part 4

Attendance at last year’s Pride events, for context, shattered records across the U.S. (over 20 million people participated, according to Interpride, a nonprofit cohort of global Pride producers), with similar events happening in many major cities throughout the world. But it’s more than just parades and parties: Pride’s truest value comes from generating awareness and funds for queer causes, which benefit the LGBTQ+ community long beyond June. (source)

Over 300 million viewers are expected to tune into Global Pride—an unprecedented worldwide Pride event—shaped by Interpride with a number international Pride networks. The 24-hour live stream will cast segments from around the world, similar to a New Year’s Eve broadcast. (source)

When: June 27, 24-hour stream
Where: globalpride2020.org