Celebrating Women’s History Month!

16 Mar Celebrating Women’s History Month!

Continuing to celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s take a look at two extraordinary women who have taken technology to a new level.

Susan Kare - Women in STEM

Susan Kare, Iconographer. We don’t often think about the people who make our screen experiences work so well. But there is one iconic (ahem) designer that Ayogo’s Maddy Bazett chose as an inspirational woman in technology. Susan Kare is a digital designer’s designer. If you have used the fonts Chicago, Geneva or Monaco, you have benefited from Kare’s excellent eye. Her most well known icons include the Macintosh trash can, the scissors, the pointing “paste” hand, and the formatting paintbrush. What a legacy.

Since 1983, Kare has designed thousands of icons for the world’s leading software companies. Utilizing a minimalist grid of pixels and constructed with mosaic-like precision, her icons communicate their function immediately and memorably, with wit and style,” wrote the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Irene Au - Women in STEM

Irene Au, Human Computer Interaction DesignerIrene Au created her own program of study in human-computer interaction. She built exceptional design teams for Google and Yahoo before joining Khosla Ventures as an Operating Partner.

Stacey Hagel, an artist and UX designer explains why Irene Au is an influence on her work: “Irene’s passion was to build technology inspired by people’s needs directed at solving real problems. She went on to be among the first designers with such a background in the consumer Internet space and began her career as an interaction designer. AND she teaches yoga!!!”

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