Celebrating Black History Month and Adventure

17 Feb Celebrating Black History Month and Adventure

At 75, Barbara Hillary became the first black woman to set foot on the North Pole. (source).  Ms. Hillary is the first African American woman and oldest person on record to reach both the North and South Poles at the young age of 79!  As a community activist, Ms, Hillary was the founder of the Arverne Action Association, INC, a group dedicated to improving the life in Arverne, New York and the Rockaway Peninsula Community.  She was also the founder and editor-in-chief of the Peninsula Magazine, a non-profit and multi racial magazine in Queens, New York. Hillary continues to prove that outdoor adventure is for everyone regardless of race, age, gender or mobility.

After 55 years in the nursing field, Hillary retired, set out for Canada, going dogsledding in Quebec, and photographing polar bears in Manitoba. Hillary became enthralled with the icy beauty of the region, and when she discovered that no African-American woman had ever reached the North Pole, she resolved to become the first to make the journey. (source)