Women in Science & Engineering Conference

27 Jan Women in Science & Engineering Conference

The WiSE Conference is a celebration of women in engineering academics and careers. The day of educational and professional enrichment brings pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate students together with faculty, administrators, and professional women.

Data2insight founder, Veronica S. Smith, will be presenting at the WiSE Conference on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

Session 2 of 2: A Courageous Conversation Tool for Improving Team Science.
Interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and convergence research bring people from different disciplines and industries to solve real problems in new ways. This team science approach is becoming the predominant mode for scientific discovery and innovation. So, knowing how to work in teams is essential for scientists and engineers. And, if we are going to solve the most complex problems society faces, then team members need to be able to engage effectively in difficult conversations. The norms for courageous conversations that we will review are a tool that can be used by any team lead to prepare the soil for your team to grow trust and effective communication. Effective use of these guidelines for interaction with each other will increase the likelihood that the team will meet and exceed its shared goals in a way that is inclusive of and equitable for all members.