15 Jul #STEMonFire

Data2insight founder, Veronica S. Smith, was recently nominated to be a potential guest on the STEM on Fire podcast.

STEM on Fire is dedicated to helping high school and college students interested in pursuing a STEM career (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) make educated decisions regarding a career path.  The podcast hosts practicing professionals, college professors, and college students providing insights into STEM professions, what is required to get through the curriculum, and additional strategies to guide students towards a successful career.

The overall goal of STEM on Fire is to increase the graduation rate by igniting student passion in a STEM career by exploring current and emerging STEM career opportunities. In addition, the podcast will help prepare students to manage challenges that may arise during their studies.

Veronica was described as “using STEM to evaluate STEM” and was nominated by David Beck, an Associate Professor and Associate Director at the University of Washington.

Check out STEMonFire and let us know if you hear about data2insight!