Celebrating Gay Pride Month

17 Jun Celebrating Gay Pride Month

Lynn Conway, born biologically male, invented a groundbreaking method for issuing multiple out-of-order instructions per machine cycle in supercomputers.  In the 1960s, she made possible the creation of the first true superscalar computer, and participated in its design at IBM, where she worked for years.  That is, until her firing in 1968, when she underwent gender reassignment surgery and transitioned to a female gender role.  She went on to rebuild her career from the ground up at Memorex, then Xerox, and beyond. In 1999, she made contact with a researcher looking into her early work at IBM (on “Project Y”) and reclaimed an essential part of her history and accomplishments. (source)

In an interview, Conway said, “When I made the decision to have a gender-correction, everybody told me I was terrible, I was going to end up dead or in an asylum someplace.  But they were wrong.  I’ve had a great life, I’m very happy, and I’ve managed to do some productive, important work.”

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