Celebrating National Women’s History Month with a Historic Victory!

15 Apr Celebrating National Women’s History Month with a Historic Victory!

In November, HRC-endorsed Kyrsten Sinema became the next Senator from the great state of Arizona!  She is the first openly bisexual person to serve in the Senate. This is huge!

LGBTQ voters turned out in force in key House, Senate, and state races nationwide.  Not only was it a blue wave — it was a rainbow wave. Our new congress reflects the people they represent more than ever before.

Across the country, we endorsed more than 480 diverse pro-equality candidates in 44 states, and deployed over 150 staff to 23 states. We knocked on tens of thousands of doors, including 12,000 in the final four days. Our priorities focused on six states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona — and our candidates for Senate won in ALL SIX! This includes LGBTQ pioneer Tammy Baldwin and the only two pro-equality pickups nationwide — Jacky Rosen and of course Kyrsten Sinema.

Senator-elect Sinema now joins the over 150 LGBTQ candidates elected in November — in fact, she has now doubled our representation in the Senate! What an incredible, historic moment for our movement. This is what happens when LGBTQ people and our allies mobilize, organize and turn out.(source)

Join data2insight as we send our congratulations to Senator Sinema!