Celebrating Indigenous People

19 Nov Celebrating Indigenous People

In many cases, people will be celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving Day this week on Thursday (November 22).  However, around the country, others will be observing and remembering the Native Americans who should really be honored on this day.

Each year on Thanksgiving morning Alcatraz is closed for the day for regular visitors, but from 4:45 AM till 6:00 AM the ferries run every 15 minutes and bring people to the island to celebrate the Alcatraz Thanksgiving Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering. The event seeks to honor the traditions of the indigenous peoples on the day that attention is normally devoted elsewhere. It’s also sometimes referred to as Unthanksgiving Day or Un-Thanksgiving Day. (source)

In Massachusetts, the celebration is the National Day of Mourning.  It was started in 1970 as a protest against Thanksgiving and the democide of the Native American peoples by the United States government and as a reminder of the injustices that the Native American peoples faced. It is a day in which people of all colors, creeds and philosophies can learn about Native American culture and their historic and current struggles. (source)

Join data2insight as we take time out of our week to remember and honor Indigenous People.