P3 Partnerships for Disconnected Youth Program

17 Sep P3 Partnerships for Disconnected Youth Program

Have you heard of Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth?  Performance Partnership Pilots offer a unique opportunity to test innovative, cost-effective, and outcome-focused strategies for improving results for disconnected youth.  Performance Partnerships will allow States, localities, regions, and Tribes to pilot better ways of improving outcomes for disconnected youth by giving them additional flexibility in using discretionary funds across multiple Federal programs. Jurisdictions that participate in these pilots will commit to achieve significant improvements in educational, employment, and other key outcomes in exchange for this new flexibility.  You can learn more from the Performance Partnership Fact Sheet.

Data2insight has been working on the program evaluation of the Seattle-King County Workforce Development Council‘s P3 pilot program.  After working closely with staff at Seattle-King County, data2insight is wrapping up a multi-year program evaluation to help guide stakeholders in understanding the program and how it can be improved.