National Science Foundation’s NRT Program

24 Sep National Science Foundation’s NRT Program

Data2insight has partnered with the University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute for a program evaluation of the DIRECT (Data Intensive Research Enabling Clean Technologies) program. The program, a UW Clean Energy Institute program, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides training that will equip a new generation of energy researchers to handle the massive data sets arising from all stages of materials discovery.  DIRECT provides UW graduate students the opportunity to receive data science training, practice applying new tools and skills in a project-based learning environment, and gain experience working with industry and academic partners on a team-based capstone project.

Data2insight founder, Veronica S. Smith, will be joining the UW DIRECT folks at the 2018 NRT Annual Meeting in Arlington, VA on September 27th-28th, 2018.  The 2018 NRT Annual Meeting will consist of participants from over 60 active projects, meeting over a two-day period to discuss issues in graduate STEM education. For additional information please visit the following link: