Congrats to the 2018 Smith Hamrick Scholarship Recipient!

16 Jul Congrats to the 2018 Smith Hamrick Scholarship Recipient!

Congratulations to Miwako K. Ito who is the latest recipient of the Smith Hamrick Scholarship!  Ms. Ito (pictured with the other AWIS awards) is a Chemical Engineering student who will begin her junior year at University of Washington this fall.  She is a member of the Pfaentdner Research Group where she is focused on computational chemistry, particularly materials development for batteries with green-energy applications.  She is passionate about high performance computing chemical simulations because of the flexibility and high data output they offer compared to traditional laboratory methods.

A quote from Ms. Ito’s application:  “I was finally free to explore the meaning behind my years of memorizing chemical reactions, taking derivatives, and drawing free-body diagrams. They weren’t just words in a textbook, they were tools in reality’s workshop. And, I got to use them. You’ve probably seen a parent cry tears of joy when their baby takes its first steps. That’s how I felt when my first computer simulation, that I had written, successfully converged.”

Data2insight is honored and privileged to contribute in this small, heartfelt way, to the continued success of this sterling chemical engineer and woman warrior.  Please join us in celebrating this year’s recipient of the Hamrick-Smith Scholarship—Miwako K. Ito!

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