Seattle’s 500 Women Scientists

02 Apr Seattle’s 500 Women Scientists

The mission of 500 Women Scientists is to promote a diverse and inclusive scientific community that brings progressive science-based solutions to local and global challenges. You can learn more about the national organization at

Their local pod is  over 100 members strong representing STEM and social scientists in the Seattle area.  They are postdocs, research scientists, science educators, faculty, and grad students from multiple institutions.  As a local pod, they advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the sciences, increased scientific literacy through public engagement, engagement in science policy, and empowering women in science: public scholarship in action.

Their mission statement tells a lot about them:

We, the members of the Seattle pod of 500 Women Scientists, envision a vibrant science community in service to the people of the Salish Sea region: a science community that breaks down barriers to participation and embraces diversity. Together, and in coalitions with other aligned organizations, we will engage the Seattle community across academic, industry, policy, and non-profit sectors.

We are creating a network of women scientists in the Seattle area that reaches across disciplines, methodologies, and professions. We welcome all self-identifying women scientists and offer support and a safe space to discuss and take action on issues specific to science and women in science. Our community will be a source of empowerment and strength, providing positive support to women working in scientific fields. (Read more of their mission here.)

Data2insight is proud to be part of a community that encourages, empowers, and supports #WomenInSTEM and #GirlsInSTEM.