data2insight Continues its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

23 Apr data2insight Continues its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, data2insight founder, Veronica S. Smith, will be attending the Equity Leaders workshop in Seattle, Washington.   This event, organized by Cultures Connecting, is a workshop and networking opportunity for those leading diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Whether it is called diversity, equity and inclusion, multiculturalism, or anti-racism, the role of leading equity initiatives in the workplace can be challenging.  Many organizations have created these positions in the past 10 years, and those hired are coming in without any clear direction.  Equity leaders often feel isolated and can quickly become frustrated or feel overwhelmed.  However, if we can come together to collaborate and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, perhaps we can craft an easier path forward.  As Paulo Freire said, “We make the road by walking.”

This workshop provides an opportunity for equity leaders to share strategies for organizational change, problem solve some of the challenges they face, and to network.  Each participant will be asked to bring an example of a success story, strategy, or tool to share.  Everyone will be given time to discuss challenges and hear the best thinking from their colleagues.  Facilitators will share a model of multicultural organizational development and strategies for change identified over the past 8 years in work with hundreds of organizations.

There is still time to be part of this community where we share ideas to successfully address equity, inclusion and social justice in organizations.  The goal is for participants to come away with new tools for this important work as well as supportive partnerships they can lean on for many years to come.

Join data2insight as we continue to engage in courage conversations about equity work, develop and strategize for moving equity initiatives forward, and join the network of equity leaders for on-going support.