Best High Schools for STEM

24 Jul Best High Schools for STEM

With the new school year fast approaching, data2insight wanted to share some information for those looking for great STEM opportunities.

Last month, Change the Equation wrote an article highlighting Five Top STEM Schools for Inclusion and Equity.  From their article:

“The U.S. News & World Report recently released its list of the Best High Schools for STEM across the nation.  Schools like these help address STEM skills shortages felt by employers nationwide.  But some of the schools on this list are especially dedicated to addressing the STEM challenges of inclusion and equity with programs and recruitment efforts that strengthen STEM pipelines for underrepresented groups.  These high-achieving STEM schools make sure to serve the women, low-income, African American, and Hispanic students in their communities. Because the future of innovation relies heavily on our ability to find talent in untapped markets, we love to see schools ensuring STEM literacy for ALL.”

To determine the top science, technology, engineering and math schools, U.S. News looked at the top 500 public schools from their latest Best High Schools rankings, and then evaluated their students’ participation and success in Advanced Placement (AP®) science and math tests.

Congratulations to all the schools who made the list as Best High Schools for STEM.