Data2insight Supports LGBTQ Entrepreneurs

12 Jun Data2insight Supports LGBTQ Entrepreneurs

Although it’s well established that women and minorities experience a number of disadvantages at work, fewer conversations have been devoted specifically to LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace.

StartOut, the national non-profit that creates great leaders by fostering LGBTQ Entrepreneurs, conducted a recent study which indicates it’s a very real issue — and one that deserves attention.

StartOut analyzed surveys of LGBTQ entrepreneurs, data from over 100,000 founders of companies, and additional interviews with LGBTQ founders.  Many respondents believed having a personal relationship with investors — which may include discussing matters of identity — was important, but some believed that if investors knew they were LGBTQ, it could hurt their chances at receiving funding and support.

Data2insight hopes that you will join us as we continue the conversation.  To see the full article, click here.