#StrongGirlsStrongWomen in STEM!

22 May #StrongGirlsStrongWomen in STEM!

Data2insight strives to encourage girls of all ages to find their place in the world of STEM.  We look to share our knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for STEM to help those strong girls to become strong women in STEM.

We were thrilled to read about the Girls Summit held in New York at the end of April.  The YWCA in collaboration with ESF, Syracuse University, Syracuse University’s STEP (Science, Technology Entry Program), and New York State CSTEP (Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program) held the 9th annual event which aims to (1) spark the spirit, trigger the imagination and encourage young women to consider new and exciting career opportunities; (2) increase a girl’s interest in math, science and technology and in persistence with school; (3) provide girls with opportunities to meet and form personal contacts with women working in non- traditional fields; and (4) provide hands-on learning about alternative careers in a format that is committed to benefiting girls of all ethnicities, races, religions, abilities, and backgrounds.

Looking for an event for your girl interested in STEM?  Check out Columbia University’s Girls in STEM Initiative holding events across the country.  This initiative engages young women through hands-on instruction in STEM while developing their leadership and communication skills.

Looking for an event more local?  Check out B-STEM Project, which focuses on helping young girls and women engage, learn, and grow in business and STEM related disciplines across industries.