Celebration of Science Continues

24 Apr Celebration of Science Continues

On April 22, 2017, data2insight supported the March for Science’s vision.  In more than 600 places around the world, people gathered to voice and demonstrate support for science and the fundamental role it plays in serving and improving our society through informed policy.   The movement featured people from all educational backgrounds, from a rich diversity of human experiences, and from nations around the world: the March for Science reached from the Global South to the North Pole.

This week will provide mobilization through a “Week of Action.” Below is the general theme for each day of the week, but to find out more about each day’s focus, visit the March for Science website.

  • Sunday:  Science Engages.
  • Monday:  Science Discovers.
  • Tuesday:  Science Empowers.
  • Wednesday:  Science Creates.
  • Thursday:  Science Communicates.
  • Friday:  Science Advocates.
  • Saturday:  Science Connects.

Join data2insight to learn more about the March for Science and how you can be part of the celebration of science!