Where are the Girls? STEM Career & Technical Education

20 Mar Where are the Girls? STEM Career & Technical Education

While data2insight joined in the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, there still much work to be done!

01102017 CTE Gender imbalance growing_smallCareer and technical education is no longer the forgotten stepchild of education reform. The plight of jobless Americans took center stage in the turbulent Presidential election and raised the stakes for creating pathways to the middle class that don’t pass through the ivy-fringed gates of four-year colleges.  In fact, jaded Congress watchers believe that CTE may be one of the few issues that will win bipartisan support in 2017.

That’s good news, but converts to the CTE cause will soon discover what CTE experts have known for a long time: namely, that the gender gaps in CTE’s STEM subjects are every bit as large as gender gaps in advanced math and science classes.  In fact, those gaps are growing.

Not surprisingly, high school girls dominate health science, but they are scarce in the other three career clusters.  The imbalance has gotten worse since 2007/08 (see image).

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