data2insight Supports BioSTL

27 Mar data2insight Supports BioSTL

In February, data2insight founder, Veronica Smith, was in St. Louis, MO where she met with Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore, BioSTL Director of Bioscience & Entrepreneurial Inclusion.

BioSTL fosters collaborative efforts and builds regional infrastructure to achieve St. Louis’ potential in biosciences, assisting partner organizations that are advancing aspects of the overall regional strategy.  BioSTL ensures the St. Louis biosciences community is speaking with a single, coherent voice to the public, policymakers, and funders.

BioSTL collaborated with Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP), Millipore Sigma, and Venture Café for the EXPLORE Bioscience program.  This hands-on, exciting program was developed to inspire high school students to understand and consider career opportunities in global science-based organizations as well as understand opportunities that science-focused start-up organizations the St. Louis region offers.  Day one and Day two of the program included students representing high schools across the St. Louis city, county, and region.

Data2insight is proud to support this program.