Sharing Insight: Inequities in K-12 science

07 Nov Sharing Insight: Inequities in K-12 science

Data2insight supports the mission of Change the Equation, which “works at the intersection of business and education to ensure that all students are STEM literate by collaborating with schools, communities, and states to adopt and implement excellent STEM policies and programs.”

In a recap of the Nation’s Report Card‘s good news, Change the Equation provided additional information, stating the following:

Since 2009, the nation’s science scores rose in both fourth and eighth grades.  Even more encouraging, black and Latino students gained on their peers, narrowing some of the gaps in student performance that have bedeviled education reformers for decades.  Yet poor and minority students continue to lag far behind.

As data2insight continues to do its part, we are happy to see evidence of improvement but look forward to further helping bridge the gap.