In Remembrance

21 Nov In Remembrance

Pauline: A Vehicle for Good's Ice Cream Bike

Pauline Reiter, a dear friend and mentor to data2insight founder, Veronica S. Smith, passed away peacefully surrounded by family after a yearlong battle with cancer.

In May 2016, a memorial service for Pauline was held at Ohev Shalom, the family  synagogue of her son Scott.  Scott, his three kids, and a couple of his friends delivered meaningful talks and his community unveiled their new ice cream cart (seen in the picture to the left).

Inspired by Pauline’s love of ice cream, the synagogue has launched the Ice Cream Bike, named “Pauline’s: A Vehicle of Good.” To learn more about her legacy, visit  You can also donate at (Pauline’s: A Vehicle for Good is available in the drop down list).

Data2insight has benefited greatly over the years by Pauline’s friendship and mentor-ship.  We hope you will join us in supporting her legacy.