Data2insight founder and spouse award first Smith-Hamrick Scholarship to University of Washington senior studying chemistry

07 Jun Data2insight founder and spouse award first Smith-Hamrick Scholarship to University of Washington senior studying chemistry

Ms. Smith and Ms. Hamrick honored and memorialized their parents by creating the Smith-Hamrick Scholarship for women in science. Ms. Do was the first recipient of this honor. She moved from Vietnam to Portland, Oregon with her parents and younger sister in 2013. After earning her Associates of Art degree from Portland Community College, Quynh transferred to the University of Washington (UW). She will be a senior at UW in Fall 2016. She is working in the Dr. Christine Luscombe’s Lab researching carbon-hydrogen activation of monomers used in polymerization for solar cells. As a result, producing solar panels can be more efficient, cost­-reducing, and more environmental friendly. Quynh is traveling to Nagoya University in Japan this summer in an International Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Being the first generation in a low-income family to attend college, Quynh is trailblazing for her younger sister, who is a high school student. Her academic goal, after earning her double Bachelor degrees in biochemistry and chemistry, is to attend graduate school, potentially studying medicinal chemistry. Quynh’s career goal is to become a professor and inspire students, especially women, to follow their dream and pursue careers in science.
About the Smith-Hamrick AWIS Scholarship
Veronica S. Smith and Natalie I. Hamrick are delighted to offer the Smith-Hamrick Scholarship award in honor and memory of their parents. Both Frieda and Jim Smith and Carolyn and Fred Hamrick encouraged their daughters to explore any and all opportunities and careers that interested them. Carolyn and Frieda especially exposed their daughters to a variety of career pathways. Our parents were life long learners and encouraged us to be the same. Natalie is now an accomplished occupational therapist of over 20 years and Veronica founded and leads a data science firm called data2insight. Veronica and Natalie both earned masters degrees—Natalie in occupational therapy and Veronica in electrical engineering. They are pleased to be able to offer financial support to other women pursuing their career interests and leave us with this message. May you not only achieve your academic and professional goals, but also enjoy the journey.
Veronica S. Smith, Quynh Do, and Natalie I. Hamrick at the 2016 Association for Women in Science (AWIS) dinner on June 1, 2016.